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Rochelle Maroon

Author  Artist  Illustrator
Rochelle Maroon


Children's, Middle readers, Young Teens

New Release

Middle readers
to young teens 10-14 years

The Talent Game

A thrilling urban adventure that weaves
everyday sporting dreams with a
mysterious game of strange magic

You’ve got power—loser power!

Max almost gives up football because of these words from his teammate. But he keeps playing.

He wants to be brilliant at something.


Then, a mysterious host invites him to play a different kind of game. The prize—extraordinary talent.

Max gets challenges to complete, other players to compete with and rules to follow, like keeping everything secret.


Max’s talents on and off the pitch emerge in ways unimaginable. But the game grows deadly.

Max must discover who to trust and what the game host really wants―or lose everything.

Cover illustration: R Maroon.

Printed by YourBooks NZ

256 pages

ISBN 978-0-473-67638-4

Dimensions: 195 x 130 x 20mm


Rochelle Maroon Books

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Reviews for The Talent Game

“This is a delightful book for young adults aged eleven or older…a book of dreams and magic…what’s not to like.”

Ann Chapman, Otaki Mail November 2023


ReedsyDiscovery - Mary Lanni

 A fabulous, unique storyline that will have tweenagers, teens and adults alike on the edge of their seat, wondering how it will all pan out.  The character development and suspense weaved through the story kept me engaged and I found it very hard to put down.  A great read.

Louise Bristow, Wellington November 2023

Apple Books, Customer Review

Ebook edition available on all major platforms including:

Hardback print edition
Last copies author's stock

Children's picture book
2-6 years

I know about babies

A child's own take on the arrival of a sibling and finding a solution to the problem of rivalry.  
Based on a true story by Rochelle Neale
(Rochelle Maroon).

Mum tells Rowan that soon he'll have a baby brother or sister. But guess what?

Rowan tells Mum that he, too, is having a baby.

Illustrated by Ross Kinnaird.

32 pages

ISBN 978-0-908-78396-0

20201012_151430 (2).jpg

$NZ incl. GST  plus postage  

Discounts and terms may apply for Trade

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