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Rochelle Maroon

"Thanks for visiting my website. I'm a book and film addict. I constantly read YA fiction, children's books and dark thrillers for adults. I enjoy indie music. I love the natural world and its creatures, atmospheric weather and colours. I hate sitting at the computer. I get outside every day and when I can, I love to paint, visit art exhibitions and travel.


 I was born in Aotearoa New Zealand. My grandparents came from Lebanon and parts of the United Kingdom. I've lived on a small farm, by the sea and in the city, and now live by a mighty river in the Hutt Valley, with my family."

Rochelle Maroon had her first freelance feature article published in the NZ Listener when she was 18. She worked as a journalist before becoming a YA and children's book editor. She worked on many award-winning New Zealand children's books.

She was first published as a children’s author while living on the Kāpiti Coast with her two young sons. Later, she completed a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Design and received a mentorship from the NZSA with Gavin Bishop for illustrating and writing a children's picture book. She went on to illustrate her own work, and her painting and prints have been exhibited in shows at public and private galleries.


When not creating, Rochelle works as a communications consultant.

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